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Passive smoking effects on Health

Passive smoking or Second Hand Smoke (SHS) causes more harm even though it is an involuntary inhalation of smoke caused by tobacco or cigarette smoking by others. This involuntary smoking happens when some one smokes in public places spreading the smoke (pollution) into the air. Regular exposure to tobacco smoking causes more injurious effects when compared to that of actual smoking.

As a cigarette smoke is a combination of several harmful chemicals identified to be nearly 4000 highly toxin that are more harmful to ones health. It is important to keep away form second hand smoking as they may cause various psychological distress and future emotional illness on a long run.

Passive Smoking effects

Tobacco smoke exposure causes quicker effects on blood vessels that affects the rate of increasing the heart attacks and respiratory tracks at once. The risks of passive smoking towards acquisition of heart diseases are 24% more for non-smokers than that of regular smokers.

In children
Children get affects to passive smoking than that of the adults as the immune system is low in resistive power. Tobacco effects are more dangerous that affects the lungs and the respiratory track all together. Some of the problems faced by children are Asthma, Allergy, respiratory infection affecting throat and Lung, pneumonia and Bronchitis. Children whose parents smoke have a prolonged exposure to passive smoking from the younger age.

In fetus
Both active and passive smoking are harmful to fetus in the pregnant and expecting mothers. They lead to infections such as Premature Birth, Low weight birth of babies, Lack of milk secretion in mothers and risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). As it is the developmental stage the fetus are very sensitive to get infected via smoke.

In adults
Adults with good immune power are less affected by the passive smoking with Common Cough with soreness of throat, headache and infection in eyes, nose and ears. Long term passive smoking effects are more dangerous causing some of the serious problems like Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis and Hypertension. It wholly affects the blood circulation that carries oxygen to various parts of the body. Brain tumors, Heart diseases and Lung and respiratory cancer are more common when exposed over long time, exceeding the limits of tolerance.

Measures to keep-off passive smoking
Motivating the chain smokers to quit cigarette and tobacco smoking by explaining the smoking facts and effects caused to healthy living can do well. Smoke addiction can be improved with the helps of certain programs that work upon how to quit smoking habits with various recovery techniques.

Lamisil nail fungus medication. What are the benefits and drawbacks?

Nail Fungus is the most common disease of the nails that affects many people. One is at risk for nail fungus if they have a cut or a wound near the nail bed. Once the fungus enters the cut or wound the infection spreads, which leads to discoloration of the nail as well as a change in the texture of the nail. The most common treatment for nail fungus is Lamisil, which is available in a cream or tablet form. As with any medication there are advantages and disadvantages.

The cream form of Lamisil works faster and is tolerated better than other medications that are available for nail fungus. The cream remains in the nail bed thus stopping the production of the fungus and also prevents future infections. Results will begin to show within a few months of using Lamisil as opposted to a couple years with other brands of nail fungus cream. The cream is very affordable ranging from $12 – $15.

The cream form needs to be applied on a regular basis for 2 – 3 months before you see the end results. It can cause skin irritations such as burning, itchiness, dryness, peeling and rash. The cream can not be used in children, pregnant or nursing women.

The tablet form of Lamisil is very effective in treating nail fungus because it attacks the infection directly via the bloodstream. It is then slowly released into the skin and nails killing the fungus that is growing. The tablet form takes about 4 months to see results. The tablet form is safe and has been approved by the FDA, but it can cause diarrhea, headaches, indigestion and rash. The tablet form can also impair the eyes causing changes in the lens and retina. The side effects listed above are rare and the most common is upset stomach. The tablet form can also cause toxins to build up in the body, which harm the kidney and liver. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and staying away from fatty meats will help to decrease the amount of toxins in the blood. The tablet is a little more expensive than the cream ranging from $30 – $40 for a month’s supply for the generic form. Lamisil tablet has a high success rate. It was effective in 70% of toenail fungus cases and 79% of fingernail fungus cases where the fungus was completely killed.

Eat Healthy Italian Food

italian food

When people talk about Italian food most of us thinking of non healthy and non balance diet it may contain. Pizza and pasta are some of the simple Italian dishes that we can think of served at your favorite restaurant such as restaurants by La Jolla Cove. But many did not know that we can achieve a healthy and well balance diet if we really look deep into it. Here are some healthy tips eating Italian food:

Pasta. A pasta dishes can contained less than 30% of calories from fat only you can avoid the cheese cream and sauces such as Alfredo. Most of the fat in the dished come from the sauces.

Meatballs. Avoid meat for your marinara and clam sauce. Once again avoid creamy sauces like Alfredo. Instead ask for ketchup. Observe how much oil and butter in your dish.

Salad. Same for the salad just ask half the sauce. Choose wisely, dishes grilled over fried and avoid the cheese and butter sauces.

These are only some of tips for staying healthy while you enjoying your Italian foods. All you have to do is observe what you put in your plate. As simple as that. So enjoy!

Hospital And Internet

internet hospital

In the world of latest technology and advance medical era. The usage of internet not only limited to the world computing and business only. The hospital also can really benefit from the internet. Even today, many hospital in the world already started using internet for their daily activities.

The connections of internet enable patients and doctors interact with each other without having them to sit in a room. Patients can easily ask his or her doctors through internet with the usage of teleconferencing. Not only the technology useful between patients and doctors, even doctors can exchange informations between them without having to see each other face to face. For example doctor in hospital from jordan can directly contact a specialist from United States. They can exchange views and opinions easily also they separated miles away.

The hospital also benefit from benefit through internet web logs or blogs. Hospital can advertise their services and products through ads in blogs to attract more people getting their medical attention in a certain hospital. A jordan health blog can advertise many services and products not only originated from Jordan. They also can provide services and products from all over the world.

But not all services and products can be done or sell through the internet. The best way is to consult the doctors and having they examine the patients thoroughly before the patient can take any prescription or any medical treatment. Maybe one day, when the technology is advanced enough. Patients can be examine by the doctor in the comfort of their own house only through the internet connectivity. Who knows?

Online Drug Store


People started to shop or buy online when the world wide web introduced. The internet some how makes daily activities much more convenient than ever. Same goes as drug stores. Store owner started to register themselves online with their online drug stores.

Shopping at the comfort of your home. Old and elderly people who restricted by their abilities to move now can shop easily through their desktop computers. They can shop for not hundreds but maybe thousand of medicine and drug at their finger tips.

24×7 open shop. Unlike normal drug stores. The online store did close at all literally. They can provide and serve with your needs anytime you wanted. Therefore you can get the medication you need although it is already midnight.

The world is your home. It means that you can access any online store and any medication and drugs in world without the constraint of the geographic boundaries. People from the Scotland can buy from store in Brazil without any problems.

Discount discount discount! Yes. You can get really great deal when purchasing drugs online. There many online coupons and promo codes such as Promo Code and GNC Promotional Code available. For the muscle building you can try Bodybuilding Promotion Code.

Anonymous. With internet, you can avoid bump into someone you know in the drugstore like before. There are strict rules for the confidentiality that you can trust when buying drug online.

No shop rental. This is one of many benefit that store owner looks for. That is because this will definitely save them a lot of money from shop rental and utilities bills.

On the other hand. Online store can be very tricky as they offer so many items that you can select from. It is really important that you have the consulted with your physicians or doctors before buying. The best way if to get the prescription from them for any drugs or medications that you required.

Take Care Your Colon

colon cleanse

One of the most important but normally forgotten organ that needs to be taken care of is our colon. Colon is important because they responsible processing nutrients in our foods and absorb into our body systems. “Your what you eat” really shows that whatever you eat will eventually become into you.

It is very important to take care our colon to make sure they properly function at their tip top conditions. In order to do so, they are some Healthy Living Tips that you can follow.

Natural Foods and Supplements

Natural herbs and supplements are normally the best choice for the health of your colon. They did not contains any artificial or synthetics supplements that have side effect on your digestive system. On the other hand natural herbs and supplements are natural colon cleansing agents that helps our body digestion systems.

Healthy Eating Habits

Uncontrolled eating habits definitely will bring long term bad effect to our colon and digestive system. By eating well balance eating habit will eventually leads to good colon.

Avoiding Stress

Our modern lifestyle and work habits contributes to stress. Stress can bring negative effect to our colon. Therefore, try to avoid stress by promoting healthy lifestyle that could balance your lifestyle perfectly.

Regular Colon Cleansing

It is recommended to perform regular colon cleansing for every six months. They many Colon Cleanse Tips that you can follow. But more frequent cleansing will definitely leads to less fat deposits and wastes.

On top of that you can gather lot of healthy living tips from variety Health Blog available online. So, have a healthy colon!

Mood Ring

mood ring

Mood ring was very popular back in the year 1970s. Mood ring was invented early in the year 1960s by a jewelery designer, Marvin Wernick. He got this idea after he saw a doctor used a thermotropic material strips to measure body temperature on a child forehead during an emergency. After that he knew that he can sell that idea in a jewelery forms. So the very first mood ring invented.

The ring changes color by “reading” the person’s emotion state by the person’s body temperature. So, we can know how or what the wearer’s mood just by looking at the color of the ring. For example, if the wearer mood is in angry state, the ring color changed to black and if the wearer mood changed to good mood the ring change to blue by itself.

This information is really important when you want to a approach him or her. You can recognize the wearer mood before you can make your move. There are many mood ring you choose from in the market. You can try for more detail informations on mood ring.

Looking after your joints


When exercising it is imperative to ensure that you keep your body and also your joints in good health, as these can cause discomfort in older age if not cared for correctly. Over using joints, or not having a good diet in early age can cause increase the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis and similar joint problems. This problem is caused when joints rub against one another due to a lack of cartilage, creating a lot of discomfort.

One of the first tips i would recommend is to use correct footwear and technique for whatever sport you do. Runners are known to get problems with knees and hips after excessive years of doing the sport, due to the impact on the joints from roads and the impact of running. Getting correct running shoes for example will reduce the impact passed through the foot onto the knees. Proper cushioning in the sole of the shoes helps reduce this impact dramatically.

You can also make some changes to your diet, such as trying to increase the levels of oily fish in your diet. Fish such as mackerel, herring or sardines are good for this and will provide you with high levels of Omega 3′s which are great for your jonits. You could also supplement you day to day food intake with glucosamine, which is thought to help the joint replenish its natural defences against wear and tear. Glucosamine is a natural compound found in the joints which provide a level of lubrication between the joints, which will help to preserve them after a large amount of exercise.

Because your joints are an important part of your body to look after, you should take care of them on a daily basis to ensure you live a healthier, happier life.

Have a great white smile

white teeth

Everyone a great white smile. A great white shiny white smile brings joy in life. But how many of you know to obtain a this? By using teeth whitening product available in the market you can achieve the desired white smile.

So, how do the teeth whitening product actually works? Teeth whitening products contains peroxide, it is a bleaching agent that bleach away the stains and discoloration on the teeth. The shades of the teeth improve as your use the teeth whitening product regularly.

There are three main types of teeth whitening products available in the market; trays, swabs, and strips. Whitening tray basically is a mouth-guard look like device. You have to apply teeth whitening agent gel to the tray before wearing it on your teeth.

Swabs methods needs you to dab on the your teeth with swab that have been dipped in the teeth whitening solution. Last but not least is the strips, the strips is apply on your teeth. The strips itself already contains teeth whitening agents.

For the trays, there is some issue regarding the tray that not all the tray fit with the size of your teeth compared to the the swabs and strips that did not required any device to fit on your teeth.

These are the three types of teeth whitening products are the mainly used for teeth whitening. There are many brands available in market.You should try out yourself to get the best teeth whitening products that suit your needs and your budget. Happy smiling!

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