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Sweating is a normal way of our body to keep cool and maintain our optimum body temperature. It is produced by sweating glands located below our skin surface. Sweating occurs almost on all our skin surface even our Face Sweats. The sweating process is very important as overheating can cause our body into heat stroke and can lead to death. But when sweating is too much, it is considered not normal and immediate medical treatment need to be carried out.

Excessive sweating can effects many ways in our daily life such as causing unwanted body odor and causing uncomfortable in area that effected that can causing the person to be stress and depressed.

How to Stop Sweating? There are many ways that we can handle excessive sweating. The simplest way is by using antiperspirants. By applying antiperspirants to the area that infected, the sweat and moisture that produced will be absorbed by the antiperspirants. But for some it causing light irritation the skin.

Second method is Ionotopherasis. Ionotopherasis basically is a electrical therapy that required low electrical current to be passed on the defected sweat glands using an electronic device. Scary it might looks but it is not causing any pain and the effect is more or less like using antiperspirants.

The last method is using surgery approach. This is the last way to do as the cost to do this is very high compare to other methods before. The sweat gland that defected will be removed during the surgery. As I said before, if possible try to avoid this as it is not good to stop sweating completely.

Here only listed three of many way to Stop Sweating and Start Living like normal people. But the are many methods out there can overcome this problems such as using natural herbs as it is cheap and had less side effects. The best to start is to consult with a certified doctor or skin experts.

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