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Lamisil nail fungus medication. What are the benefits and drawbacks?

Nail Fungus is the most common disease of the nails that affects many people. One is at risk for nail fungus if they have a cut or a wound near the nail bed. Once the fungus enters the cut or wound the infection spreads, which leads to discoloration of the nail as well as a change in the texture of the nail. The most common treatment for nail fungus is Lamisil, which is available in a cream or tablet form. As with any medication there are advantages and disadvantages.

The cream form of Lamisil works faster and is tolerated better than other medications that are available for nail fungus. The cream remains in the nail bed thus stopping the production of the fungus and also prevents future infections. Results will begin to show within a few months of using Lamisil as opposted to a couple years with other brands of nail fungus cream. The cream is very affordable ranging from $12 – $15.

The cream form needs to be applied on a regular basis for 2 – 3 months before you see the end results. It can cause skin irritations such as burning, itchiness, dryness, peeling and rash. The cream can not be used in children, pregnant or nursing women.

The tablet form of Lamisil is very effective in treating nail fungus because it attacks the infection directly via the bloodstream. It is then slowly released into the skin and nails killing the fungus that is growing. The tablet form takes about 4 months to see results. The tablet form is safe and has been approved by the FDA, but it can cause diarrhea, headaches, indigestion and rash. The tablet form can also impair the eyes causing changes in the lens and retina. The side effects listed above are rare and the most common is upset stomach. The tablet form can also cause toxins to build up in the body, which harm the kidney and liver. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and staying away from fatty meats will help to decrease the amount of toxins in the blood. The tablet is a little more expensive than the cream ranging from $30 – $40 for a month’s supply for the generic form. Lamisil tablet has a high success rate. It was effective in 70% of toenail fungus cases and 79% of fingernail fungus cases where the fungus was completely killed.

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