Eat Healthy Italian Food

italian food

When people talk about Italian food most of us thinking of non healthy and non balance diet it may contain. Pizza and pasta are some of the simple Italian dishes that we can think of served at your favorite restaurant such as restaurants by La Jolla Cove. But many did not know that we can achieve a healthy and well balance diet if we really look deep into it. Here are some healthy tips eating Italian food:

Pasta. A pasta dishes can contained less than 30% of calories from fat only you can avoid the cheese cream and sauces such as Alfredo. Most of the fat in the dished come from the sauces.

Meatballs. Avoid meat for your marinara and clam sauce. Once again avoid creamy sauces like Alfredo. Instead ask for ketchup. Observe how much oil and butter in your dish.

Salad. Same for the salad just ask half the sauce. Choose wisely, dishes grilled over fried and avoid the cheese and butter sauces.

These are only some of tips for staying healthy while you enjoying your Italian foods. All you have to do is observe what you put in your plate. As simple as that. So enjoy!

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