Head Pain


Healthy living is important as Amen Clinic founder Dr Daniel has told to his patients looking for treatment of their diseases. One of the symptom we need to look carefully is headache. Sometimes a headache may be associated with a change in their breasts or eyes, or bone at the top of the column. Typically, a headache is a dull ache and pain that arises from structures within the skull. When you have a headache the physician want to know all about the important information that he can get about the pain such as location of the pain, intensity and other factors.

Psychological and mental disorders can also reflected in head pain. Usually, they complain of pressure in their head, a tight band squeezing the head, or pain, pressure in the head. It is our own obligation to learn about disease symptoms in order to detect the disease therefore it can be treated properly.

Exposure to extreme weather temperature also can cause someone to have headache. Other type of sickness may develop in normal people if they facing facing of extreme emotional condition. These pains only during the end of the day, starting as a mild pain in the head, later on spread to the temples. But as time goes, these pains slowly degenerates when he or she take a rest or go to sleep.

Headaches usually last longer, for a few minutes or even hours. When the pain is described as effect comes from the burning impulse transmission in blood vessels. The sensitivity to pain in the head varies in different people and the same person at different times. The worst headaches are related to inflammation or infection of the meninges, which are the tissues covering the brain. When a sudden sharp pain head affects the feeling may be due to a branch of the facial nerve.

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