Teeth Whitening : 3 Tips

teeth whitening

First impression never comes twice. You never fail whenever you have a clean white teeth and a perfect radiant smile to convey your confidence. There are many way and methods for those looking to improve and whiten their teeth and smile. Let’s takes a look at various methods used to whiten teeth.

Teeth Whitening Gels And Toothpastes

These teeth whitening gel and toothpastes normally consist of a mixture of a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Toothpaste for teeth whitening are recommended for minimal stains such as coffee and tea. However, they are also good for those who have undergone a teeth whitening or bleaching session and want to maintain your results.

Professional At-Home Teeth Bleaching Kits

For those who don’t want to pay for the more expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments can try a home teeth bleaching kit, many of which are only available through a certified pharmacist or a dentist and consisting of hydrogen peroxide base bleaching gel or solution. The whitening solutions is applied to the enamel on the surface of the tooth with mouth guard. The effects of this treatments tend to last for a much shorter time compared to more extensive treatments performed by a professional dentist.

Porcelain Veneers

This procedure involves enamel surface to be light buffed on the front of the tooth, which later a custom-molded porcelain veneer will be adhesively bonded. The translucent quality of the porcelain is closely match to the surface of the actual teeth. In addition to its whitening features, it can also be used to reshape the teeth, or to fill in gaps and spaces between the teeth.

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