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Ygoy is a health and lifestyle content based portal. It was started in 2005 in a very innovative method. Americans are the target readers (audience) of the website. Presently, it has about 67 channels. Ygoy features latest, valuable, lucid and the need-of-hour information that is written by gifted writers.

in.ygoy.com is one the special channels of ygoy. This channel gives information about lifestyle and events in India. India is abbreviated as in.ygoy here. This channel covers art and culture, entertainment, festivals, latest news and information on the social fabric in India.

India has a glorious history and its culture is based on greatest epics of the world: Ramayana and Mahabharata. India is rightly said as God’s own land, the land where God chooses to appear.

India is known for its festivals as festivals are important part of its culture. Based on profound philosophy, Indian festivals are celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm. The channel in.ygoy.com is an humble attempt to give the glimpse of the great picture of India to the reader.

naturecure.ygoy.com is one of the channels that gives health based information. Nature is like mother. She nourishes and provides all the needs of humans beings, nay all living entities. This channel gives information about the methods and types of Nature Cure for common ailments as well as special cases. The channel gives the reader tips to cure ailments in natural way, bringing him near to the nature.

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