Mood Ring

mood ring

Mood ring was very popular back in the year 1970s. Mood ring was invented early in the year 1960s by a jewelery designer, Marvin Wernick. He got this idea after he saw a doctor used a thermotropic material strips to measure body temperature on a child forehead during an emergency. After that he knew that he can sell that idea in a jewelery forms. So the very first mood ring invented.

The ring changes color by “reading” the person’s emotion state by the person’s body temperature. So, we can know how or what the wearer’s mood just by looking at the color of the ring. For example, if the wearer mood is in angry state, the ring color changed to black and if the wearer mood changed to good mood the ring change to blue by itself.

This information is really important when you want to a approach him or her. You can recognize the wearer mood before you can make your move. There are many mood ring you choose from in the market. You can try for more detail informations on mood ring.

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