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Facial Sauna


Everyone knows about sauna treatment. Sauna or steam baths are really great for the skin. They have good effect to beauty your skin. People who go for regular sauna or steam baths believe that, their skin is becoming much more appealing and glowing.

Steam cleared up dirt’s in the skin pores that caused by sweat and skin perspiration. Even now you can enjoy your own steam treatment at the comfort at your home with the affordable and portable steam box available in the market.

But, what about facial sauna? Facial sauna using the method as the sauna treatment but the size of the steam generator is small and very affordable normally cost around $60 per set. Normally is consists of a face-shape-funnel with a steam generator or the heating element located at the bottom.

The funnel is designed to focus the steam to your face. You can control the intensity or the amount of the steam that you would like to be exposed to by controlling the distance of you face to the funnel.

By minimizing the distance, you can get the maximum effect of the steam but it is advisable that this method is used for a moment at a time only. After that, raise your face away for the steamer for awhile. Repeat this procedure as many as you like.

For a deeper cleansing treatment you can add in a few drop of special cleanser such as tea tree oil into the steamer’s water reservoir. It is not only beneficial for the skin, it also good for treating flu and sinuses problems.

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