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Mothervlogging editorials!

Hi there!

I’ve decided to spice things up a little!
Lately I’ve been posting a lot of outfits that I wear throughout the days, also without further review or information since at one point you have kind of discussed all the trends. And since it’s me I’m dressing I sometimes just combine what I like, not specifically capable of explaining or whatsoever.
My intention however for this blog was to go further than random outfit posts. I wanted to tell the story behind the pictures and what it’s like to start in the fashion industry. I’ve been quiet busy lately, trying to find a balanced way of combining blogging, styling and designing. I got quiet some messages on Instagram by now from people asking me how I got started as a stylist without a bachelor or college degree. Also a lot of people ask me what I’m actually doing exactly, and the moment they hear what it is they always appear surprised.
You see, the thing is that most people confuse fashion styling with personal styling or mostly, celebrity styling. Which is one branch in the styling industry, but not mine.
As a fashion stylist you produce editorials, so what are editorials?

Editorials are the series in magazines, consistent of a clear concept based upon a specific happening or most likely a trend resulting into beautiful pictures.
The team behind these projects consists of a photographer, stylist, make up and or hair artist and of course a or multiple model(s).
But how are these editorials organized? Basically, you start of with an idea, for example a trend that you have seen on the runway. This trend has become a trend because multiple designers have used it in their collection, not in the same way of course, but it could be a print, fabric, silhouette or decade.
Once you have found your trend, you check out all the important shows and look for images that represent what you have in mind.
It is very important to check all the details: the colors, materials, patterns, prints, silhouettes, models, hair, makeup accessories and the location of the show.
This is all important information that you can use for your moodboard and personal inspiration.

After checking the runway, you go to Google and start looking for editorials from magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, ID Magazine and Love magazine. You just type in the concept, for example when your editorial is going to be folk: Editorial folk(lore) vogue. You check out the pictures that are interesting for styling, light and location. The moodboard that you are making is practically a summary of what you are going to make, so it should be clear to anyone involved what you want to achieve.

After making the moodboard, you start sending it out to people you want to team up with. Often you already have some people in mind. Once you have the photographer and make up and or hair stylist you start brainstorming together. It’s always good to hear new input and new ideas, but working with a group of creative chaotic people can also be difficult. Either way it’s an educative process.
Together with these people you think about the location and the model. The model is very important, since he or she will be the face of your idea. So make sure you find one that brings over the concept even stronger rather then just a pretty face.
Often I personally take the advise of the photographer the strongest in this part since they often can tell what face intrigues them and can open up to them.

As you see this is only the making of a moodboard and concept, and since I’ve been asked on Instagram by quiet some people now how I got started I got a new idea.

I’m gonna start vlogging backstage on shoots and meetings beforehand to show you exactly what it is that we do and how we do it! I’m pretty nervous about this since I never open my mouth when people are filming since my ears genuinely start bleeding by the real sound of my voice. But hey fuck it! Let me know what you guys would like to see or know about this!