Birthdays are for party hats and exessive sparkles 🎊

IMG_683421 Years and 9 months ago my parents their house burnt to the ground. 21 Years ago I was born, given this fact I consider myself the rightful heir and representative of The Trammps’ hit Disco Inferno, better known as: Burn Baby Burn. So if you have any questions about this, 🔥 away. (Haha my dad will love that one)


This year I have missed all of my family’s birthdays – because I was in Ibiza. Christmas and New Years I spent in New York and I have missed many important family events. And so celebrating my own birthday alone sounded like a fair situation. Although I have absolutely no problem with being alone, and don’t really know the feeling of getting bored, I was very relieved and happy to hear that my mum had booked a flight to be here with my birthday and celebrate it with me. Even if that meant cleaning the Hippy casa for a week… And so yesterday, after a delay of 3 hours, my mum finally set foot on the Island. I picked her up and showed her around a little and we then caught up on everything that was worth discussing over a glass of rosé. The afternoon and night passed by and slowely we started counting down the last minutes of me being 20 years old. When the moment was finally there my brother, dad and boyfriend called me instantly over Facetime, which always makes me respect technology even more. After wishing me a happy birthday I finally could start opening presents. I got so many nice gifts from friends and family and my mum gave me the most amazing Mongolian pompoms and beads this gypsy eye could wish for. The last present however, was the most amazing.


My boyfriend had teamed up with my mum and made her take this amazing pirate hat for me. There’s a story behind this… Around 12 years ago we went with our family to Disney Land Paris. And as a true Disney fanatic, I had already dragged my parents to Disney Stores all across Europe throughout many holidays. But in the fall we went to the actual Land of Disney and so I saved all of my money. Which resulted in around €25, which buys you an apple in Disney Land. But together with my parents’ desperately needed financial aid I was allowed to pick one costume for Christmas. All the girls there were dressed up in gorgeous Cinderella gowns and tiara’s and magic wands. But not for me, I wanted to be Jack Sparrow. So after some people tried to explain to me that I was checking out the boys costumes, I made sure they clearly understood I very much needed a Jack Sparrow costume and not an unpractical princess dress with glass slippers. I woke my mum up every morning to draw me a beard with her eye pencil and put on my dreads wig, added my cursed coin necklace and was ready to go. Lukas always loved this story and so he decided to do something with that I suppose. He made me a slideshow with countless pictures proving how such a kid I am around him. And then in the last slide he wrote in Dutch ‘what should we do with kids?’ Not getting what he meant I naturally panicked and overreacted haha. Lukas is German and so Dutch is sometimes still a bit difficult, what he meant however was: ‘what should kids be doing?’ Answering this question himself with our most beautiful pictures… Kids should be going to DisneyLand.


After not sleeping because of excitement my mum decorated the entire Hippy Casa with balloons and beautiful guirlandes. We went to Cala Nova and enjoyed a day at the beach. Afterwords we went to the Hippy Market at Punta Arabi and I showed her my favorite shop across the street of the market. Here I found an absolute treasure: A real handmade Mongolian hat!!! After spending all the birthday money that made my hungry wallet slightly satisfied for about 12 hours, I had found a perfect Party hat to celebrate my birthday at Namasté and had already had the best birthday ever. We had dinner at Namasté and danced the last hours of my birthday away to live Gypsy music.



Burgundy dress with golden lace – Kiss the Sky, Sheeps woll jacket – Vintage, Handmade traditional Mongolian hat – Hippy shop Punta Arabi, African Shell choker – World Family Ibiza, African necklace with Giraffe – Masai tribe Kenya, Leather sandals – Panama Jack

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