Faux Furs & Tourist Shirts

Trend report f/w 2017: Grumpy cats in technicolor.

Since my last trend report scored pretty well in the stats – (yes I’m keeping an eye on you!)I decided to go and make another one. Not because I hope you genuinely like it, nope from now on, I really just care about the double tap likes. I’m leaving my hippy paradise in a month and I’d better start making some actual money right?! And after I read this article about Instagram superstars I already mentally filled my virtual shopping bag on net-a-porter. I currently (3 months) have been living on chickpeas and water since I saw this fabulous red faux fur at Mango that I absolutely without a doubt need! And I may or may not have taken advantage of the weight loss accompanied by this broke fashion addict’s diet – to order Gucci kids T-shirts…
No kidding – a T-shirt for kids is around a 100 euros while a grownup’s T-shirt is around 800.. I mean, a small for women is basically the same as the biggest size for kids anyways. If not, two words: Crop Tops. We all need a little Gucci in our lives right?! Anyway, while going through Vogue Runway to check the shows again I thought I’d do something with the Leopard print trend + Colorful furs. Because honestly, my boyfriend took a lot of pictures with his fancy camera of me last year in New York and that basically is my ootd, like everyday. So here we go!!!


Looks from Vogue Runway: By Miu Miu & Dolce and Gabbana

Red Faux Fur – Mango, Emerald cherry tulle socks –  Lirika Matoshi, Acne Magazine tote bag – Acne Studios, Red trimmed slip on’s with embellishments – Miu Miu, Leopard denim mini skirt – H&M, Rainbow striped Grandma sweater – Gucci, Leopard turtleneck – Ganni, Pussy Bow necklace – Zara, Cat-eye tortoiseshell sunglasses – Prada, Red beret – Etsy.

In my pussy power suit before the Women’s March.

About these trends, because yes I have combined two big trends of this fall/winter season: Leopard prints and colorful furs. These are two trends that we have already seen on the runway in previous seasons from: Prada, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, Maison Margiela, Dries van Noten, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Acne Studios, Calvin Klein and more.
While last year we mainly saw leopard trenchcoats and dresses taking over the runway – this year it’s all about releasing your inner Wild Cat. Think about leopard suits, two pieces, blouses, dresses, shoes, accessories – this season it’s full on Wilma Flinstone or don’t even bother.My personal favorites are from Dolce & Gabbana, Etro and actually my own cheap ass leopard suit made from carnival fabric. See picture on the left before heading to the Women’s March in my Pussy Power suit.
Given the fact that I love prints in general, leopard is one of my favorites and always has been!


Picture taken at Designer Vintage

Now that that is settled, let’s please continue to the next trend before I get eaten alive by mosquitos. Because – hippy camping.
Colorful faux furs! Also a Runway Veteran that keeps coming back! And we very much do pay our respect to this one! Because even though people always ask me if I never grow tired of being the girl in the tropical fur, they first always compliment me on standing out. So where have we seen these rainbow cats before? A brief overview of designers that have proven their support to the Runway Veterans of 2016: Altuzarra, Fendi, Gucci, Rochas, Rodarte, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Dior and more. So what do you have to keep in mind when trying to find one of these beauties yourself? Honestly, always go for Faux Furs!! They are so much cheaper, equally fluffy and no animal has to die for it. Faux furs are nowadays so well made, that they look really real – plus they come in dope colors! Since this is a big trend for the winter, you will be able to find them in any Zara, Mango, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever21 etc etc. My rainbow fur is from H&M studio – and my boyfriend gave it to me about 2 years ago – when I intentionally got it for a shoot but ended up with a broken heart and tears in my eyes when I knew I had to return it. I gave it to him, because I knew I would change my mind on the way to the store and really needed the money. He didn’t return it, and that is probably the best gift I got in my life! When you are hunting for one yourself, always feel the material! Think about how it will look like after being in the rain, snow and wind. Some cheap fauxs have this shorthaired material that looks like the stuff you get when you peel one cotton pad into two pieces. You don’t want that!

“Wilma’ing around in Ibiza”

Here are some pictures of when I walked the Brooklyn Bridge with my boyfriend last year. As you can see: I’m not having a great time! I genuinely think I’m the least sportive person out there. I just really don’t get the excitement people get from working out. I mean I like going for a walk in autumn to collect chestnuts and the 2 min walk to the beach here on the camping I can handle too.. But really planning this stuff, nope. It was cold as fuck this day and it had started snowing, I’m used to the winter cold since I’m from the Netherlands. But in New York it just all depends on the wind – and that day, I was almost blown away. My boyfriend however loves these trips! He just knows that at one point I get tired as a little kid after her birthday bash and that he will have to carry me home. Below a unique and private look into this process.




Types in on Google: Short Cut Brooklyn Bridge.”
“Trying to convince Lukas that it couldn’t possibly get any better than this further on the bridge.”
Lukas: “Lau – Smile, we’re having a great time.”
“Taking the subway home.”