Trend report F/W ’17: “Talk Folk”.

Hi there!


Trouble in paradise.. It’s storming…
As you might have read somewhere on this blog, I’m currently living in an African caravan on a Hippy Camping in Ibiza. Which is great with the amazing weather – living outside within a 2 min walk from the beach! But when the skies decide to break down and burst into tears, it’s not that great… The last storm left me cleaning up for over a week. But I’ve lifted the roof for the last time, put pots and pans everywhere to catch all the lost raindrops and my army of kittens has found shelter from the rain and my new neighbors’ dogs. So since I will be locked in here for a while: welcome to my second post!!

So let’s do this! Ladies and gentlemen come gather around!! Because I have been working on my first trend report and outfit post.  Never thought those words would ever leave my mouth…
And honestly, it was fucking awkward and terrible for my self esteem!!!
You see, when you scroll down these perfect pictures on Instagram from these Insta barbies, you think that it just genuinely is super easy to make pictures like that. Although, they probably nagged their boyfriend/personal photographer or girlfriends to fill their Icloud storage with 200 identical pictures of an outfit that comes straight from a Zara poster.
Traveling alone is not ideal for pictures of yourself, I found out that the past years my pictures are not much different from my Grandma’s photo albums of 30 years ago: Landscapes, people I met on the way, cats and a vintage filter. It even got so bad, that my mum gifted me a selfie stick for my birthday last year. She never understood why I don’t just ask people to take pictures of me…
Well take my current situation, being on an island as Ibiza, people are enjoying themselves on their well deserved holidays, and when you ask them a moment of their time to take a picture of you with so many outfit details, they often result in 6 pictures: 3 horizontal, 3 vertical and all with equally terrible lightning and zoomed in on your awkward fake smile. The moment they ask you ‘and do you like them? I took many!!’ with the same look upon their faces as that one aunt that gave you a book about how math can be fun for your 10th birthday, while all you wanted was really anything with sparkles.
The memory of your mum’s forcing look leaves you saying: ‘Wow, yes! Thank you so much!!!’ And so, you end up with pictures of  landscapes instead.

But since I’m giving this blogging thing a go – I got creative with my Ipad’s timer and took some pictures of myself in my lovely outside kitchen! Later, I went with a friend to Santa Eulalia and she took some pictures which were probably less chaotic as mine.
My outfit is a personal interpretation of the fall/winter ’17 trend: Folk.
Since most of the items that I’m wearing are from previous seasons and thus unavailable, I posted a kind of trend report/mood board/shopping page for an alternative look that you could put together yourself.

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear back from you guys!


tp-1 (4)tp-1 (1)tp-1 (3)tp-1 (2)

Crochet dress: H&M Coachella
Polka Dot dress with puffed sleeves: Zara
Red beret: Tourist shop in Paris
Pointy floral shoes: Zara
Embroidered skirt on the background: Pull & Bear

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-07 om 14.03.34

Picture from Gucci F/W ’17 via Vogue Runway.

Denim jeans with patchwork: Vintage Levi’s DIY – Black sweatshirt with folklore embroidery: Mango – Clip on earrings: Dolce & Gabbana – Red beret: Etsy (but really anywhere available) – Handbag and red fishershat with oriental embroidery: Gucci – Black fishnet tights & nude gloves with embellishments: Lirika Matoshi – Floral wrap kimono with polka dot shoulders: Zara

About Folk, also Folklore:

As seen in shows from Gucci, Margiela, Alexander McQueen and Chrisitian Dior, Folk is promised to be a big trend this fall. Think about adding some embroidery in bright colors, florals, polka dots and really anything that resembles to old Grimm stories and Matryoshka’s. There are many different interpretations in folk, since basically it is just nostalgic cultural fashion which used to resemble the image of a country. In the Netherlands we for example have our wooden shoes and Delfts blue prints of windmills and tulips. While in Poland you will be more likely to find embroidered florals and patchworks stitched into beautiful blouses. And think about the Dirndls and Lederhosen that will be covering the streets of cities as Munich during Oktoberfest! Who knew they would actually be completely on trend?!

But how do we give such a nostalgic trend a 2017/2018 touch? Well, look at the moodboard above! As you can tell I have found some super cool 80’s vintage levi’s with DIY patchworks stitched on them! How such a cool idea? I’m sure that if you start a project like this with the older generation such as your grandma or an older aunt you will have a great day talking about the good old days! And most likely they will have unique leftover fabrics that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! For an easy going and young touch I would combine this with a cool T-shirt or like used above a sweatshirt! I would definitely focus on cool accessories to finish this look such as a beret, or fisherman’s hat like the one from Gucci. But if you really want to add something authentic and super cool, check out young designer Lirika Matoshi! I met her in New York when I was still assisting and she is the nicest girl with super cool designs! Her fishnet tights are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit really! So check her out on Etsy! And this Zara jacket is just essential to any closet! They have used this fabric design for different items and I love them all, but this is my personal favorite!




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  1. Quinn says:

    Love it !!! πŸ™‚ Wat een spannend leven heb je in Ibiza Lauren! Ben benieuwd wat voor avonturen je allemaal nog gaat beleven en waar je volgende post over zal gaan πŸ˜‰ Veel succes!! X Quinn (van de nieuwe veste, haha)


    1. Faux Furs & Tourist Shirts says:

      Hey Quinn!!! wat leuk van je te horen zeg!! Dat is lang geleden!
      Dankje dankje dankje! betekent echt veel voor me aangezien ik echt geen idee heb hoe dit gaat worden ontvangen πŸ™‚ we zullen het zien! Hoe gaat het met jou? Dikke kus!


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