Stages of Mesothelioma


Mesothelioma is a form of lung cancer is caused by exposed to asbestos. The development of cancer, usually divided into four stages based on how far the cancer has metastasized. The four stages of mesothelioma are:

Phase I

In the first stage, the mesothelioma is limited to one body. At this stage, is usually limited to pleura. The two formed around the lung pleura, and separated by a layer of liquid lubricant. In pleural mesothelioma led to their greater use of such fluid needs.

In rare cases, the first phase of mesothelioma lung cancer itself may be involved pericardium (membrane around the heart) or diaphragm (separation of abdominal muscles from the chest).

Phase II

In the second stage, the mesothelioma has spread. Today is the chest wall, esophagus (connecting the mouth and stomach), or heart disease. It will affect the pleura of both sides. This may also affect the lymph nodes in the chest (part of the immune system works, filtering out foreign matter).

Phase III

In the third stage, the mesothelioma has now been surpassed. Now it has gone beyond the diaphragm and the peritoneum (membrane around the abdominal cavity). It also affects the lymph nodes outside the chest.

Phase IV

In the final stages of mesothelioma, cancer has experienced a shift, which have been spread through the blood away from the organs of the chest and abdomen.

Responsible for the symptoms of mesothelioma depends on where the proliferation of A. If you have been confined to one lung (which is typical of the early stages of mesothelioma), can cause coughing and breathing losses. If it has spread to the peritoneum, can cause fever, swelling, intestinal or urinary tract problems. In the final phase, it will lead to swallowing difficulties, sudden weight loss, or vomiting blood.

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