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DHT and Hair Loss

hair loss

What is DHT?

DHT is short for Dihydrotestosterone. It is one of many hormones in human body that responsible of developing and controlling masculine characteristics. It is also a closed associated with the hormone testosterone, that is found in the human body mainly in adrenal glands, testes, prostate gland, and hair follicles.

What is the relation between DHT and hair loss?

DHT is believed causing low blood circulation and flow to the human scalp and follicle’s roots of the hair which leading and resulting thinning of hair and later causing of hair loss. The hair thinning and hair loss is due to nutritions and vitamins that essential to the human hair growth are less be absorbed by the hair.

How DHT Blocking Shampoo works?

DHT Blocking Shampoo functions as an agent to kill the process of conversion of enzymes to DHT that can causing to hair loss. They normally contains Zinc and natural extracts which will improve the blood circulation and help the hair to absorb more nutrients and vitamins that necessary for hair growth and which later stop hair loss.


There many aspects that can lead to hair thinning and hair loss such as genetics, work stress, bad habit, environments and lifestyles DHT blocking shampoo is only of many remedies available to overcome the problem. The best is know what really causing you to loss hair by consulting with the hair loss expert. They have treated many cases and they can give you the best solutions for your problems.

Hair Loss Shampoo

hair loss shampoo

There are many hair loss shampoo in market that claims they can cure or prevent hair loss if you are using them regularly. Many of the products sold had come with many advertising gimmicks and strategies to persuade potential buyer to buy their products. But to know the best hair loss shampoo that really work for you is to know what is actually your problem in first place. Most shampoo contains produce only bubbles or surfactants that does little or worse comes to worst that they do not have any cleaning or curing properties at all.

Therefore, all you need to do is search the hair loss reviews or testimony from real user or consumer for the particular shampoo. But you must always bear in mind that these reviewers or testimonies made by not all of the real user of that product and most of them using this only to sell their products.

There are other way for choosing your hair loss shampoo. One of them is to consult dermatologist or registered cosmeticians. They has treated real case hair loss problem and has been helping many people who has facing this problem first hand. This definitely, makes you feels much more confident whenever you started to use the hair loss shampoo regularly later on.

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