Hair Loss Remedy

hair loss remedy

Man are highly possibilities to have hair loss problem. This problem happened mostly during in their twenties. If they lucky enough this process will only started in their late forties. If you ever faced hair loss problem these simple tips might help you.

It is important to manage hair loss as quickly as possible. Many had bad effect due to this hair loss issues. There are two mainly treatment available; drugs in form of pill and topical treatment.

Propecia is a drug or pill that can be consume by people facing hair loss; it is has been tested and usually works even better than Minoxodil. The instruction is simple, everyday consume a pill and you can feel the effect where your hair will grow back. But due to some external factors not all people had the same effect. Some even did not any effect at all.

The other treatment is topical treatments. This is involving of using Rogaine, that contains Minoxodil. By simply applying Rogaine twice a day to your scalp. They had been proven effective for years but they did not really regrow your hair back entirely depending where you has your hair loss problem. And they normally cheap and will cost you around $20 per month.

Author is a hair loss expert providing various tips to prevent hair fall, various causes for unnatural hair loss and some advice for better hair care. You can visit his website for preventing hair fall including top 5 reasons for hair loss.

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