21322883_10207671213376815_840222853_nFaux Furs & Tourist Shirts – “Only the essentials” 
An honest and unique fashion blog, shot out in the world wide web (with the slowest internet connection imaginable) on september the 2nd of 2017 from a random hippy camping in Ibiza.

Follow a 20 year old fashion stylist & designer on her adventurous lifestyle, trying to get out there without selling her personality for Insta Fortune & Fame. The blog is divided into different sections to give a more detailed and personalized outtake on each branch. These sections are called: The Designer, The Stylist, The Fashion Assistant & The traveler.

“The name Faux Furs & Tourist Shirts was born after I took a look through my wardrobe and found out that most of the outfits I was photographed in for streetstyle blogs etc. were actually my faux furs combined with corny tourist shirts that I started collecting when I was young. When I was a little girl, my dad traveled a lot for his work, and he’d always bring back presents for us. But being a true dad, he would forget about it during his trip and get a reminder from my mum on the phone, after which he would end up buying us the worst tourist shirts at the airport. Often he’d mess up the sizes from me and my older brother and sister, and so eventually, being the youngest, I would grow into all of them.
Next to that, I have an intense love affair with faux furs, which again started from my family roots. My mum has the most amazing clothes from when she was young, and I remember that she had this big round fluffy faux fur which turned her into a real Mama Bear. Me and my sister started hijacking her closet as soon as we became teenagers. And this has always influenced my taste in fashion.

To me fashion is  fun, experimental and natural to the heart – dresses have to swing when you dance in them, and my wardrobe is an extension of what I feel, experience or want to represent as a person.”