#OOTD: Gucci Grandma 👵🏼

Hello beautiful people!

I have moved back to the Netherlands as you know, and so I spent most of my time here seeing family and friends and naturally I bathed some hours away 🛀🏽 But now it’s time to get back into the game and avoid Netflix, blankets and the fireplace! 🚀 And how do we do that best? By keeping up with my other addictions… Vogue Runway and my doggies🐩💃🏻 


Since I think I have described pretty clearly how I pick my outfits based upon trends, I thought it would be cool to write about making a concept based upon that trend. So instead of explaining why an item fits to a specific trend and where to find inspiration on the runway for that trend… I take you guys on to the next step: visualizing a look. And this by taking Gucci SS18, the inspiration behind my OOTD as an example.When I check out a show, I don’t just look at pictures of the best looks and copy it. No, to understand the designer’s world I screen the entire process. On Vogue Runway, that’s super easy. First of all, you should get the app since it will update you with notifications when a new important show is out. When you have the app, simply look by designer or season, or both and you will find everything you need. By following these steps you will not only understand the show better, you will be able to go to shops like H&M like I did and find the items that might just work with the right accessories and attitude.



ALWAYS read the review first! This is like reading a summery before an important deadline. Not only will you find quotes and inspiration straight from the source: the designer, but here you will learn a lot of fashion vocabulary and references. The journalists behind these interviews are the best in the world, they know what they are talking about and work for the biggest fashion magazines so they are trained to detect trends and to describe them with the correct terms. Remember this: EVERYBODY in the fashion industry reads these interviews! So go thoroughly through these articles and mark terms that seem interesting. Often these exact terms are used as names for editorials, collections, or magazines. Remember how ‘New Romantics’ was a huge trend last year? Well, this all starts at fashion week and this term has been repeadetely used for shows from Alexander McQueen for example. Slowely stores as Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, Forever21 etc. pick these trends up and translate them into an affordable and wearable look-a-like so we can add this trend to our wardrobe.


Next to that, of course this is a great way to get to know the mind behind the shows. And find their muses and inspiration, and then spot them on the runway.



This is a great way to grow visual creativity. Often I use these close up shots for moodboards because I consider the silhouettes so inspiring and too beautiful to just leave behind. For me this is a great inspiration for layering for example. As you know by now, I am always using many different materials, patterns, prints, colors and silhouettes but still keep organized. This I guess is also just about what works for you and your natural fashion interest, but I learnt a great deal from years of observation. The 80’s for example are an amazing era to pick for layering! Remember Madonna her several tule skirts with layers of lace over fishnets tights, with pointy Jean Paul Gaultier bra’s and big shouldered jackets tucked into waistbands? Preferably combined with neon colored make up and accessories. Take a look at the example of Gucci SS18 below and see how many details you find that you could never notice on the full look shots from the runway. After reading the review you will love checking out the details, as you will find those little hidden gems that you have just read about.



The next step is not the most important if you ask me, but that’s probably because I’m not that interested in make up and hair myself. However, it is absolutely necesarry to finish off the look and give that last little push to really feel the concept of the show. A great example if you ask me, is Alexander McQueen, when Lee himself was still alive and designing for the brand. When you would watch a show from Lee, you would step into his world for a while. The set, music, designs, crazy accessories and beauty would all feed our imagination to briefly understand his complicated mind for just a bit. The beauty was just as important as all the other individual points that made the show. Check out the pictures below for some or the most extreme looks by Lee.

If you however do wear make up, unlike me, this is a great place for inspiration! Not any of the Kardashian or Jenner inspired tv shows , EVER. On this page you can see the greatist artists putting together new looks that are designed to match the trends, so they are always on trend! And if you came this far reading my blog: you care about trends!



Or how I prefer to call it: the IT girl/boy department. To know which musicians, artists, actors and actresses or models are the coolest new faces in town, check out the front row. This is in 2017  a very important matter for the fashion house! They pick their influencers wisely to have a bigger reach to their target groups. We for example know that Jared Leto and Harry Styles are Gucci Men, Soko and Dakota Johnson Gucci Women and so everybody who follows them will be targeted by Gucci themself.


Also this is a great training for day dreaming, imagining your name written on a chair, just for you.



Don’t just check out the pictures, take some time and watch the show. Often you can find it on the website of the brand alongside the beautiful campaign shots. By watching the show you will hear the music, see the set, the choreography of the models and see things as if you are there. It is far more inspiring then watching some stock photos!

What’s your favorite fashion show ever?


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