#OOTD: Fall/Winter ’17 in the mix🤹🏽‍♀️

Hoi hoi from the cold Netherlands🍁🍄🍂

I arrived in Amsterdam yesterday as a surprise for my boyfriend, who thought I was going to arrive today. My plane arrived around 13:00 and a friend of mine, Yazmin, picked me up at the airport to have a coffee. She’s leaving to Vietnam today and wanted one of my bikini’s so we made a quick pit stop in between our travels to catch up ☕️ After this I took the train to the city center of Amsterdam to surprise Lukas. I talked with a friend of ours and found out he was in class so I went to Uni to awaiten him there. He was super shocked and happy and took me for lunch to Volkshotel which is a super cool hipster bar/hotel that made me feel as if I were in SoHo NYC. Afterwards we took the train to my hometown in the North of the Netherlands, which is more the countryside👩🏽‍🌾 I suppose this explains my folk inspired roots. Which brings us to my #ootd.


Since I have discussed most of the trends for this fall with you already, well at least the ones that I personally, find interesting… I actually intended to make a Spring/Summer report but honestly the thoughts of autumn waiting for me at home inspired me to take an extra trend into the mix. So we have Autumn Florals, Folk, Asian Fusion in the mix with Polka Dots. All of these marked terms are considered huge trends for this fall. Let me explain how all of these trends are coming down in this one single jacket from Zara.


First of all the fit is a modern interpertation on the Japanese Kimono. This way this piece will give you an urban Asian touch whenever put on with whatever. So let’s talk about the print, here we notice Autumn florals as seen and discussed before and the patchwork finish gives it this little folk feeling that I embrace in basically every outfit this season. A new print however, that has been spotted on the runway a lot is Polka Dots. Which is a natural partner in crime to the folkish patchwork if you ask me. So where do we get the inspiration on how to add Polka Dots to our wardrobe. Check it out in the following shows: Balenciaga, Loewe, Jacquemus, Maison Margiela and Dries van Nooten.

What do you think of this print?





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