Faux Furs & Tourist Shirts

#OOTD: Hippy chique.

Hola hola! 

I again survived another storm, which I’d consider the most disstructive one yet. The tent that’s attached to my caravan broke down completely and everything was drowned into the river that accured inside. So yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning up. Last night however, I felt like I needed to get out of the camping and so I went to the Port in old Eivissa. This always is quiet the culture shock, coming from dust, dreadlocks and doobies into party, plastic and cheap perfume. But since the sky felt cooler then before I decided to prepare myself for what seemed to become a cold end of the summer night. This sounded like a very valid reason to go shopping and treat myself with pizza.

So what am I wearing and why am I wearing this combination? Well, I have again combined 2 trends of this fall season. Folk & Scarf Prints.

Since I have already discussed the Folk print in a previous trend report, I’ll show you the origin of scarf prints. During fashion week f/w ’17-’18 we noticed that bandana prints, florals and paisleys represented a hippy vibe as they were used in chique silks and simulated a bohemian chique look as if worn by Talitha Getty on a Moroccon rooftop. The following designers have gladly embraced this beautiful prints, making our grandma’s proud saying something like “See, everything comes back – here try this paisly dress I got in a final sale 30 summers ago! If it doesn’t fit we’ll have Annie make it smaller for you, she told me to get rid of this dress you know – that’ll teach her.” While sitting in a paisley potato sack with needles pinned all over your body so you can’t leave before Annie’s homemade apple pie is done – you should check the following shows below to remember why it’s worth it.

My absolute all time favorites are Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Etro. About Alexander the Great: Since Sarah Burton has taken Lee’s place the brand has gotten a softer, feminine and very classical nostalgic touch. This naturally fits like a glove to the scarf prints. Below my favorite looks. My favorite show for this print however, is unexpectedly not Alexander McQueen or Gucci but Etro! Take a look at the amazing sikhouette that’s urban, cool and very 80’/90’s but very oriental and bohemian because of the diverse prints and materials used.

A brief analyzation of my look! The scarf print you can find in these beautiful luxurous flared pants. The shiny kind of velvet makes it look royal, sophisticated and divine. I bought these in New York last year and got so many comments from people assuming I was wearing vintage Dries van Noten or something. Little did they know that I got this baby for $12 at Forever21! I combined it with my new favorite sweatshirt! This was absolute love at first sight. The fluffyness and sparkles released my inner Magpie and I had to have it. I took the biggest size, because when it comes to sweatshirts: SIZE MATTERS! In winter I always feel inspired by the Mongolian culture. Its furs, embroideries and mostly the beautiful faces of winter. This sweat is a kind of 90’s sports version on Mongolian folkswear. The big silhouette and regular sportswear sleeves give it a modern and urban touch. I’m sure this could look super cool on a nice denim too – I’m just not that into denim myself. I love the reference to the Mongolian fur and embroidered mirrors. My version however, contains reflecting plastic that reminded me to get new aluminium foil tomorrow. But hey, who gives a shit!? Look at the smile on my face, that’s what fashion’s supposed to do. 

Fluffy embroidered sweatshirt – Zara, velvet paisley flares – Forever21, Leopard paperboy cap – Vintage, Red oriental embroidered mules – Tourist shop China Town NY, African shell choker – World Family Ibiza, African necklace with giraffe – Masai tribe Kenya, Dreamcatcher necklace – handmade by my friend Ellen.